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Puck’s Kitchen: White Bean Soup w/ Pancetta & Swiss Chard

Here at the N.K. Hurst Co. we are always on the lookout for recipes that feature dry beans, especially if it is created by someone famous in the culinary world. In a round-about way, this “bean publicity” helps promote the … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Baked Beans

Now that “cookout season” is in full swing, it seems like at least twice a week we are enjoying something hot off the grill. Typically this includes at least one bean dish on the side, and most often it is … Continue reading

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Cowboy Caviar

As summer quickly approaches, the idea of eating a warm and hearty soup seems to steer a lot of people away from utilizing beans in their everyday diet. Because they are so easy to add to any soup or stew, … Continue reading

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Cheesy Mac n’ Beans

I am always searching for creative new ways to show how beans can be incorporated into a variety of meals. While preparing for a backyard grill-out this weekend, I decided to use Hurst beans in as many dishes as possible. Baked … Continue reading

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Navy Bean Soup (aka Senate Bean Soup)

Late last week, I still had a large portion of ham left from Easter lunch. Around here that usually means one (very delicious) thing: some homemade Ham and Beans. Check out this take on one of our most traditional and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian 15 Bean Chili

No meat? We are talking about chili, right? The number of people turning to a vegetarian diet is growing quickly. It can help promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, … Continue reading

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