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15 Bean Clam Chowder

Our #1 selling 15 Bean Soup® includes a smoky ham flavor packet which is a perfect substitute for the usual bacon or salt pork found in most chowders. After some calls to local grocery stores, I was able to find … Continue reading

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15 Bean Sloppy Joe’s

I know I’m not the only one with dreaded memories of the monthly “Sloppy Joe Day” from my middle school cafeteria. The “meat” slop on a stale bun was always a little sketchy, but the concept is sound; a sweet … Continue reading

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Cowboy Caviar

As summer quickly approaches, the idea of eating a warm and hearty soup seems to steer a lot of people away from utilizing beans in their everyday diet. Because they are so easy to add to any soup or stew, … Continue reading

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Navy Bean Soup (aka Senate Bean Soup)

Late last week, I still had a large portion of ham left from Easter lunch. Around here that usually means one (very delicious) thing: some homemade Ham and Beans. Check out this take on one of our most traditional and … Continue reading

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