2012 Hurst Bean Cookoff

The 2012 Hurst Bean Cookoff was another huge success and we appreciate all who entered this years’ contest. With so many delicious recipes, the judges had a really difficult decision… but in the end, The Dugan Family took home the grand prize for the 2nd time in 3 years with their now famous Black Bean Pierogi’s . See the video below for a great recap of the festivities and the secret family recipe.

Recipe: Black Bean Pierogi’s



N.K. Hurst black beans
Andouille sausage
Chili Sauce
Chili powder
Cheddar Cheese
Monterey Jack Cheese


Olive oil

Oil to fry

To Make

Combine flour and salt, then one at a time add the eggs while mixing then oil. Knead until well combined. Roll the dough in oil to cover then wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for at least 30 min.
For the filling cook the beans according to the package directions. Sauté onion and chili powder in a skillet. Add in sausage and start to brown. When the sausage is almost done add in the beans and thyme and cook through. When the sausage is done add in chili sauce and let simmer. Set aside. In
another pot boil cut potatoes until tender. Once finished add garlic, butter and milk to the potatoes and mash.


On a floured surface roll out dough to your desired thickness. We went pretty thin. Begin to layer the potatoes, sausage mixture and cheese into the pirogue. Apply an egg wash to seal dough when you fold it over and use a cookie cutter to cut the pierogi away from the excess dough. To cook fry in a skillet filled with oil. Once golden brown remove from oil and serve with your choice of dipping sauces. We went with the choices salsa, sour cream and spicy mustard.

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