Hurst Beans on Radio Row

With the “Big Game” in our hometown, Hurst Beans spent a few hours on Radio Row last Wednesday. Company President Rick Hurst, along with former All-Pro tackle Tarik Glenn, made a few big announcements, including Hurst’s donation of 46,000 meals to the winning teams’ food bank. The Food Bank For New York City will receive our 15 BEAN SOUP® in the coming weeks!

SiriusXM Hurst Beans (Click to listen)

ESPN 1660 Waco, TX

SiriusXM NFL Radio

Shows from across the country were excited to hear of the donation, but really enjoyed the bowls of hot bean soup Hurst delivered! Recipes were created in honor of the two cities playing, and while everyone raved about both, the NYC Reuben Bean Soup was the clear favorite over the Boston Baked Beans.

Rick Hurst and Tarik Glenn

Thanks Tarik for helping out, it was an awesome week for the N.K. Hurst Co. and the city of Indianapolis!

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